Greetings interwebs. With this post, I join the millions of you around the world who “have a blog”. I’m starting this blog with the hope that chronicling my adventures will provide extra motivation for me to do more and sit less.

I love to travel and explore and bought a 2012 4runner with 4wd removing any excuses I had to stay home. Here are my expectations:

  1. No one will read this.
  2. I’m an engineer with high school level writing skills. Grammar and sentence structure errors are very likely.
  3. This is to motivate me to explore more and sit on my couch less. Public self-shaming.
  4. Nothing in here is professional advice. I tell myself daily “I have no idea what I’m doing”.


Shameless plug. If you want to see photos between post I got one of those there Instagram accounts @driventoexplore

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